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Pricey Cosmic Group,

Since early 2020, have you ever observed that your life classes have accelerated? Maybe you’ve seen an inflow of change, with previous patterns and private cycles which have been 10 years or extra within the making, continually developing for assessment? One may instantly lay trigger on the toes of the World Pandemic, but all occurrences on our planet have cosmic origins. And people cosmic origins (particularly) might be mapped to the good cycles of our life-giving star, the Solar.

The Solar is a dynamic, continually shifting scorching glowing ball of plasma gasoline (hydrogen and helium) situated on the centre of our photo voltaic system. It’s the unbelievable vitality supply which is liable for our ongoing stability and existence right here on Earth. And as such, each dwelling being has an affinity with the Solar and its extremely charged vitality waves. We intuitively sense and really feel the ever-shifting nuances of the Solar on each a bodily and on a non-physical stage. For at our core, we too are vitality beings, part of the cosmic entire, ever-expanding and creating in stellar consciousness.

It’s that growth in consciousness which is the central growth theme of your human life. In religious phrases, it’s referred to as ‘the ascension course of’ and it’s as infinite as you’re. With ascension comes knowledge and an unfolding remembrance that you just’re a baby of the celebrities, right here to be taught and develop via the car of your human life. And it’s your ascension path (your rising in self-knowing) that’s at one with the photo voltaic cycles.

In immediately’s all-new weblog publish, let’s delve into the 11 yr waxing and waning cycles of the Solar, as you are taking a journey into the previous, current and future. For the yr 2024 options closely in what might be a pivotal yr for the elevation of consciousness and the subsequent part of humanity’s alternative to work collectively and ascend or to additional separate and create an ever-deepening divide.

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