All 9 Solfeggio Frequencies: Meditation Book Bundle: Heal, Cleanse, Balance & Awaken


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This Solfeggio Meditation Book Bundle includes these 9 books…

174 Hz – Relieve Physical and Energetic Pain. Gain a Sense of Safety, Security
285 Hz –  Regeneration of the Body. Gain a Sense of Wellness & Optimism
396 Hz –  Release Fear, Guilt and Shame. Increase Feelings of Being Safe, Grounded & Connected
417 Hz – Create Space and Momentum for Positive Change. Reconnection to the Divine
528 Hz – Forgive Grievances and Release Fear. Make Room for Miracles and Unconditional Love
639 Hz – Create Harmony in Relationships and Boost Communication
741 Hz – Powerful Clear & Creative Personal Expression
852 Hz – Clear Inner Vision, Connecting to the Wisdom and Intuition of the Higher Self
963 Hz – Experience Divine Consciousness. Heal from An Eternal Sense of Oneness

These programs combine ancient Solfeggio frequencies with deeply relaxing meditations, followed by affirmations designed and narrated by Anna Thompson to enhance the healing, cleansing, and energy-expanding properties of the specific Solfeggio frequency. 

Please note that this program is designed to enhance, not replace medical care. Thank you for listening.

Experience profound sound healing with ancient Solfeggio frequencies today!!


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