Manifest cash with cinnamon?

Yup it’s true: a typical ingredient like cinnamon has some very constructive magickal qualities.

The rationale cinnamon works so nicely is as a result of it’s warming and spicy: it’s thought to draw and maintain cash round with these properties.

One of many causes I like to work with cinnamon is as a result of it’s so easy. For those who’re attempting to get into spellwork or magick, it’s simple to get intimadated by lengthy lists of unique substances. Whereas there’s a time and place for every part, cash spell work doesn’t have to be difficult in any respect.

These cash spells are potent and easy, making them excellent for you whether or not you’re a seasoned witch or a newbie manifestor.

Technically, manifesting doesn’t require fancy provides in any respect. However typically you need to add a little bit further efficiency or ritual to the intentions you set. That’s the place the world of magick and cash spells comes into play.

Why Does Cinnamon Assist Cash Manifestation?

Cinnamon is a very fashionable spice that has many makes use of. Not solely is it nice for cooking, however cinnamon additionally has medicinal properties. Cinnamon may also help to enhance circulation, increase immunity, and scale back irritation. As well as, cinnamon can also be recognized for its means to draw luck and abundance. That’s why cinnamon is commonly utilized in many well-liked cash manifestation spells and rituals.

Highly effective Methods To Manifest Cash With Cinnamon | 5 Abundance Spells

Manifest Cash With Cinnamon #1: First Day Of The Month Spell

Use this spell on the primary day of the month to manifest cash flowing to you all month lengthy.

Each month on the primary day, seize a small spoon price of floor cinnamon.

Then stand within the entrance doorway of your own home (or workplace).

Repeat the next thrice with as a lot intention as you possibly can:

You’ll have to blow the cinnamon, however earlier than blowing it, you must repeat with plenty of religion and energy a cash affirmation like:

“As I blow this cinnamon, cash, abundance, and prosperity will fill this area.”

“After I blow this cinnamon, cash and abundance will effortlessly circulate by way of.”

“After I blow this cinnamon, prosperity will enter this home.”

The blow the cinnamon off the spoon, towards the skin.

It’s good to depart the cinnamon there for a full 24 hours to draw cash and wealth. (However do what you must do when you’ve got children, a pet, or strict HOA.) Then be happy to hoover it up!

Manifest Cash With Cinnamon #2: Burn A Cinnamon Stick

Right here’s a easy cinnamon stick cash spell to name in cash quick.

Write cash intentions or a logo for cash on a cinnamon stick.

Focus infusing your stick to as a lot vitality of that intention as you possibly can.

Then merely burn the cinnamon stick, as if it had been a sage stick or palo santo.

You can too stroll round your own home whereas it’s smoking to infuse the scent in every single place.

Manifest Cash With Cinnamon Spell #3: The Greenback Invoice Spell

Right here’s one other easy spell that can entice cash simply.

Collect up your provides:

  • Cinnamon (duh!)
  • Water
  • A greenback invoice (Actual or imitation! Some other paper cash image will even work. For instance, plastic Canadian/Australian cash gained’t work so get inventive.)
  • Sage or another vitality cleaning software

Put together by cleaning your area. Use the sage or no matter else you’ve chosen. You can too do a ritual tub forward of time if you happen to like!

Cleanse all your substances. (For those who’re a newbie, that simply means wave the smoke round them, imagining they’re being cleansed.)

Dip your dominant finger into the water after which into the cinnamon.

Draw a line down the greenback invoice in the direction of you, whereas imagining how you’d really feel to obtain that cash. (You can too say an affirmation or one thing like “I’m so grateful for this further $1000.) You need to depart a little bit of the cinnamon on the cash as you draw the road.

Repeat, till you’ve got a complete of 5 traces.

Fold the greenback invoice in the direction of you (I love to do 5 instances). Then put it in your pockets and voila!

Manifest Cash With Cinnamon #4: The Prosperity Bowl

A prosperity bowl is a traditional alternative to draw extra money and abundance. In truth, I at all times have a Feng Shui cash bowl in my cash nook!

To make your personal, seize an acceptable small bowl. (Thrift scores or greenback retailer finds are completely high quality for this!)

Add in a number of substances:

  • cinnamon (after all!)
  • basil(symbolic of cash)
  • mint (symbolic of cash)
  • comfrey (anti-theft)
  • star anise (good luck)

Plus a logo of cash (unfastened change, greenback payments, and so forth.)

Plus no matter else you want (crystals, cash symbols, and so forth.)

Lastly, write down your cash intention on a chunk of paper. Then you possibly can both fold up the paper and place it in a bowl.


Mild a candle and burn the paper to launch your intention. (All the time being firesafe after all!)

Manifest Cash With Cinnamon #5: Put It In Your Pockets

Lastly, we have now the most straightforward cinnamon cash spell of all! This one merely entails placing a little bit cinnamon in your pockets.

For this, you possibly can actually sprinkle some cinnamon inside, whereas setting an intention to draw extra money.

Or if that sounds too messy, pour a little bit cinnamon on some paper and fold it as much as make a little bit paper “envelope”. Then set your intention and place the envelope safely inside your pockets.

So what did you suppose? Have you ever tried manifesting cash with cinnamon earlier than? Which spell are you going to strive now?

Remaining Cash Spell Notes

Cash spells will at all times work however for further oomph, solid them throughout the brand new moon or full moon. (Or on a Thursday-Jupiter day!)

Bear in mind, the important thing to creating any spell work is to have religion that it’s going to work. So regardless of which cash spell you select, get your vitality behind it. What you suppose and really feel whilst you’re casting your spell issues. Throw these “That is silly” ideas out the window and simply take an opportunity.

Lastly, make sure you be particular about how a lot cash you’re manifesting! “Extra” is much too normal. Decide to a quantity and keep in mind you possibly can at all times manifest extra later.

Glad manifesting!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Manifest Money With Cinnamon | 5 Money Spells

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