On this article, we’ll discover one in every of Neville Goddard’s hottest books, The Energy of Consciousness.

This guide means rather a lot to me, because it was just about the start of my manifestation journey. It’s easy, sensible, and provides all you’ll want to know with a purpose to get began with manifesting.

I’ll lay out what I consider to be a very powerful rules within the guide, after which I’ll clarify how one can start utilizing them to attain precise outcomes with manifestation in your individual life.

This isn’t a substitute for studying the guide however somewhat a complement by which I share my very own viewpoint.

Overview of The Energy of Consciousness

These are the chapters in The Energy of Consciousness:

1: I Am
2: Consciousness
3: Energy Of Assumption
4: Want
5: The Fact That Units You Free
6: Consideration
7: Angle
8: Renunciation
9: Making ready Your Place
10: Creation
11: Interference
12: Subjective Management
13: Acceptance
14: The Easy Means
15: The Crown Of The Mysteries
16: Private Impotence

17: All Issues Are Attainable
18: Be Ye Doers
19: Necessities
20: Righteousness
21: Free Will
22: Persistence
23: Case Histories
24: Failure
25: Religion
26: Future
27: Reverence

Present Extra

Present Much less

Regardless of the big variety of chapters, it’s in no way a protracted guide.

The Energy of Consciousness is within the public area, which implies you’ll be able to learn it totally free on-line.

Learn: The Energy of Consciousness PDF

In my opinion, it’s not solely Neville’s most complete guide, nevertheless it’s additionally an amazing introductory guide for rookies.

Neville begins the guide out by explaining that Consciousness is the “first-cause substance” of actuality. Usually, we predict that the bodily world we see round us is ”actuality,” however in actual fact, it’s nothing however a manifestation of Consciousness. Neville goes on to clarify that you would be able to, via ”assuming the sensation of the want fulfilled,” rearrange your state of consciousness with a purpose to trigger the manifestation of a need.

All through the guide, he dives into quite a few matters such because the ”creation is completed,” the position of consideration, particular person impotence, and angle (and the way you immediately affect different individuals). He additionally presents a particular manifestation method or train consisting of visualizing your self right into a psychological scene going down after the accomplishment of your need.

In Chapter 23, Neville presents the reader with a few ”case histories” the place college students and other people he’d recognized used the ability of creativeness to manifest specific objectives and needs. In my opinion, this chapter alone makes the guide definitely worth the learn.

Necessary Rules

I’ve taken a very powerful concepts from the guide and condensed them into a couple of key rules.

Whereas it’s, in fact, based mostly on the guide, I can even incorporate my very own expertise and interpretation into it.

In the event you’ve already learn the guide, this may hopefully make it click on. In the event you haven’t learn it but, this may function introduction.

Consciousness Is Elementary

The crux of manifestation is the truth that Consciousness/Consciousness is the elemental actuality.

”The primary trigger–substance being consciousness, all its evolutions, fruits, and phenomena should stay consciousness. All that might be noticed could be the next or decrease kind or variation of the identical factor. In different phrases, in case your consciousness is the one actuality, it should even be the one substance. Consequently, what seems to you as circumstances, circumstances, and even materials objects are actually solely the merchandise of your individual consciousness.”

Chapter 2

As he says within the quote, because of this the bodily world can also be a projection of Consciousness.

Usually, we consider the bodily world, area, time, bodily objects, and so forth as actuality, however in fact, these are all simply manifestations of a deeper actuality.

A great way to grasp it’s via the online game analogy. While you’re enjoying a recreation, the purple automobile, the skyscraper, the terrain you see round could look actual, however that they’re all simply photos generated by a sophisticated set {of electrical} interactions within the pc. Throughout the recreation, the purple automobile doesn’t exist if you look away – it’s not rendered. The “{hardware}” of actuality is pure Consciousness, and the exterior world is the online game.

Neville additionally talks about how pure Consciousness/Consciousness is the ”I AM” – the true self. While you say “I AM,” you’re describing Consciousness in its pure kind.

”I AM is the self–definition of absolutely the, the inspiration on which all the things rests. I AM is the primary trigger–substance. I AM is the self–definition of God.”

Chapter 1

The I AM is Consciousness in its undivided state. Consciousness can’t be divided and is at all times fixed and undifferentiated. You situation the “I AM” by saying issues corresponding to, “I AM wealthy” or “I AM poor.” It doesn’t matter what type of manifestations we could expertise, this ONE undivided, unaltered Consciousness is at all times on the bosom of actuality, current in its first-cause state.

The ”I AM” (or pure Consciousness) is the true self. You’re the ”I AM” itself trying via the lens of a person being.

”Who is that this you? That it’s you, John Jones or Mary Smith, is absurd. It’s the consciousness which is aware of that you’re John Jones or Mary Smith. It’s your better self, your deeper self, your infinite being.”

Chapter 27

While you’re manifesting one thing, you’re working with this deeper a part of you. The ability isn’t you as in “John Jones” or “Mary Smith,” however the common ”self,” your very personal Beingness or Consciousness.

While you need to manifest one thing, don’t attempt to change issues on the surface. In order for you “wealth,” you’ll want to undertake a state of consciousness that affirms “wealth.” The state of consciousness is the trigger, and ”wealth” is the impact.

You probably have a need otherwise you’re confronted with an issue, don’t drive the supposed outcomes by meddling with the surfaces of the bodily world; as a substitute, go to the primary trigger. Study to work with the Consciousness inside you.

”you will need to flip from the target look of issues to the subjective heart of issues, your consciousness”

Chapter 2

One other necessary level concerning Consciousness is that ”creation is completed.” Neville talks about this in Chapter 14 – Creation. The ”I AM” is a superset of all potential states of consciousness; it accommodates, inside itself, an infinite variety of states of consciousness.

”As a result of creation is completed, what you need already exists. It’s excluded from view as a result of you’ll be able to see solely the contents of your individual consciousness.”

Chapter 14

Because of this if you’re manifesting a need, you aren’t creating one thing new however somewhat calling a state of consciousness into manifestation. Your need, due to this fact, already exists, in some summary means, inside Consciousness; it’s simply not manifested in your three-dimensional, bodily world.

Creativeness And Assumptions

Let’s now speak about learn how to get Consciousness to manifest stuff that you simply truly need. Proper now, your life is the results of your present state of consciousness. Since consciousness is the ”true self,” altering your state of consciousness is principally accomplished by altering your ”idea of self,” as Neville typically known as it.

”That’s, your idea of your self, corresponding to “I’m sturdy,” “I’m safe,” “I’m cherished,” determines the world by which you reside. In different phrases, if you say, “I’m a person, I’m a father, I’m an American,” you aren’t defining totally different I AMs; you’re defining totally different ideas or preparations of the one trigger–substance the one I AM.”

Chapter 1

To get new outcomes, you’ll want to undertake a brand new state of consciousness. If you wish to be ”sturdy,” you’ll want to must assume in Creativeness that you’re “sturdy.”

”Your creativeness is the instrument, the means, whereby your redemption from slavery, illness, and poverty is affected.”

Chapter 3

Creativeness is a little bit of a slippery time period, in my view. I principally consider creativeness as the identical factor as Consciousness, solely that it’s Consciousness in motion. Your creativeness is thus the artistic energy inside you.

The phrase ”assumption,” as utilized by Neville, is used barely in another way from how we use it in our on a regular basis life. Clearly, everyone knows that we falsely assume issues on a regular basis. However, when Neville talks about assumptions, he’s speaking about concepts deeply embedded in Consciousness dictating the outcomes that you simply get.

To me, assumptions can greatest be considered ideas that immediate the ”I AM” into a specific type of motion. Good assumptions, corresponding to ”I’m wealthy,” causes the manufacturing of those sorts of outcomes.

So, to alter your state of consciousness, you will need to assume a brand new idea of your self. There is just one trigger; the pure undivided ”I AM” inside you.

By correctly utilizing your creativeness, you’ll be able to trigger the manifestation of objects, experiences, qualities, outcomes, circumstances, circumstances, or another “factor” that you simply need to be or to achieve in life.

Occupancy of The State

Neville talked rather a lot about feeling. To manifest, you’ll want to infuse your self into the state of consciousness. That is accomplished by ”assuming the sensation of the want fulfilled.” FEELING is a key part of manifestation and an usually reiterated level by Neville. Feeling is the way you attain the state of consciousness that produces the manifestation.

The phrase “feeling” is usually a bit exhausting to know as a result of it’s not emotion solely. Consider feeling as a type of non secular sensation. You’re transferring your non secular sense, navigating your self via the unseen actuality.

There’s a distinction between being an onlooker versus a partaker. While you really feel your self into the specified state, you’re, at that second infusing your being into it, changing into one with that state of consciousness.

This isn’t one thing you do along with your mind however one thing you do via your inside sense of feeling. In case your need is ”I need to be wealthy,” then, in creativeness, assume the sensation of being wealthy. In the event you efficiently alter your state of consciousness, then the corresponding manifestations should seem.

Consideration – Permeate Your Consciousness

In Chapter 6, Neville talks about Consideration. He says:

”you will need to intentionally focus your consideration on the sensation of your want fulfilled till that feeling fills the thoughts and crowds all different concepts out of consciousness”

Chapter 6

The important thing factor I need to emphasize right here is that you’re to focus your consideration utterly on the concept to the purpose that every one different ideas are excluded. When you’re ”assuming the sensation of the want fulfilled,” you will need to accomplish that with solely that thought in thoughts. You may actually solely suppose one factor at a time. You can not “assume the want fulfilled” and on the similar time suppose,”Am I doing this accurately?”, ” Is that this working?” or another thought like that.

You will need to permeate your thoughts utterly with the belief to the purpose that there’s no room for another thought.

Neville additionally makes a distinction between ”reverie” (or daydreaming) and assuming a brand new state of consciousness. Reverie is the results of ”uncontrolled creativeness” (Chapter 19) and produces no outcomes. While you assume a state of consciousness, you’re placing all of your focus and a spotlight on one concept to the exclusion of all others. That is what results in change.


That is additionally typically known as ”The Legislation of Reversed Effort” (I discuss extra about this in this text).

The thought is that you will need to use the least quantity of effort to carry an assumption. This could really feel counter-intuitive as we usually suppose that extra willpower is best. In fact, when coping with creativeness, you will need to direct it with the least quantity of effort potential.

”Within the managed state, a minimal of effort suffices to maintain your consciousness stuffed with the sensation of the want fulfilled”


While you’re within the ”state akin to sleep,” and also you think about your assumption, concentrate on that assumption utterly so that every one different ideas are crowded, and accomplish that with the least quantity of effort. It must be straightforward, easy, fulfilling, and with out a sense of pressure.

A State Akin to Sleep

Neville talks about “bodily immobilization”, and principally getting into a meditative state of consciousness. He known as this a ”state akin to sleep.”

In keeping with him, this effectivity in doing that is that ”it will increase your energy of focus.” (Chapter 19)

I’d additionally add that you simply type of get nearer to pure Consciousness itself, and thus have extra entry to it. It turns into extra conscious of your ideas, enabling you to toughen impressions. While you go into meditation on this method, the entire psychological atmosphere type of adjustments.

In my expertise, this actually could be the important thing between success and failure when manifesting. In the event you don’t truly go inside, it’s like your ideas and intentions get blocked and solely keep on the floor stage of the thoughts.

To get right into a state akin to sleep, merely simply shut your eyes and calm down your physique. In my opinion, going right into a “state akin to sleep” is identical as meditation.

Whereas it does take apply, and you’ll get higher over time, this shouldn’t be a tough factor to do. You don’t must do it ”completely” or go extraordinarily deep each time. Once more, this, too, ought to adhere to the precept of least effort.

Personally, I like doing progressive muscle rest, however do what works greatest for you.

Setting up An Imaginary Scene – Manifestation Approach

Let’s now discuss in regards to the manifestation method Neville offered. It’s principally a visualization method the place you think about your self to be in a scene that will probably happen after the accomplishment of your need.

In Chapter 23, case research 1, Neville talks a few man eager to be honorably discharged from army service. This man, which he refers to within the third individual, is definitely Neville himself. This case research explains Neville’s technique completely:

First, go right into a relaxed state of consciousness

”He induced a state bordering on sleep, on the similar time retaining management of the path of his consideration.”

Chapter 23

Then, think about or visualize (from a first-person standpoint) your self in an imaginary scene implying that the belief has been fulfilled. On this case, Neville needs out of the military camp in Louisiana, and to return house, so he imagined being in his condominium in New York.

”In creativeness he rose from the mattress, walked from room to room touching numerous items of furnishings. He then went to the window and together with his arms resting on the sill seemed out on the road on which his condominium confronted. So vivid was all this in his creativeness that he noticed intimately the pavement, the railings, the bushes and the acquainted purple brick of the constructing on the alternative facet of the road. He then returned to his mattress and felt himself drifting off to sleep”

Chapter 23

A superb tip isn’t solely to visualise but in addition to usher in your different senses.

The important thing factor is to immerse your self in creativeness to the purpose that it feels actual. Keep in mind, your consideration must be utterly occupied by the belief. Don’t suppose ”Am I doing this accurately?”, ” Does this chair look actual sufficient?”, or ” Will this work?”, or related. Merely concentrate on being in your imaginary scene, feeling your self to be there. In case your consideration is totally targeting the imaginary scene, as in the event you have been truly there, you’ll get the perfect outcomes.

It’s additionally necessary to decide on a scene that will probably happen AFTER the accomplishment of your need. That’s, if you would like a job, think about your self already having that job, and maybe having had that job for a couple of months. Don’t think about the method main as much as you getting the job, or the second the place you get the job; think about that you have already got the job.

Don’t overcomplicate this. Once more, minimal effort is essential. In the event you’re continuously questioning whether or not you’re doing it “accurately,” you aren’t assuming the sensation of the want fulfilled.

When you’ve been in your psychological scene for some time, drift off into sleep (in the event you’re doing this at evening). In the event you can’t go to sleep, merely simply return to your common state of consciousness, and let your self go to sleep usually.

I even have an article on this specific manifestation method. I extremely encourage you to test it out. However once more, don’t overcomplicate this! Simply attempt your greatest.

Private Impotence

”Self give up is important, and by that’s meant the confession of private impotence.”

Chapter 16

An necessary factor to grasp is that you can’t truly manifest your assumption. It’s the ability itself that does this.

You may select new assumptions, however you can not carry a finger to make it occur or pace up. Your creativeness mechanically ”strikes you throughout a bridge of incident to the bodily realization of your imagined state.” (Chapter 13). The assumptions unfold mechanically, with out your help. You, in addition to all the things else, might be moved like chess items, resulting in the conclusion of the belief. You can be impelled into motion.

It’s unsuitable to consider consciousness as a mere blind drive. Consider it as an infinite, undifferentiated intelligence, inherent in Consciousness itself, which, out of your perspective, can be utilized to your particular person functions.

Likewise, in Chapter 21 – Free Will, he says, ” You’ve gotten infinite free will in selecting your assumptions, however no energy to find out circumstances and occasions.” In a way, you’re “enslaved” by your assumptions.

Your outer actuality flows out of your state of consciousness. In the event you assume ”I’m unloved,” you can not act opposite to that concept, and you can not assist however to get that consequence. The one strategy to change this round is to switch it with the belief that ”I’m cherished.”

“Be Ye Doers”

In Chapter 18 – Be Ye Doers, Neville emphasizes that you’ll want to be a ”doer of the phrase, not a hearer solely.” Because of this it’s best to put this into apply, or else you’ll simply grow to be an impractical dreamer. On an mental stage, it’s possible you’ll know the ins and outs of manifestation, however you haven’t really realized in the event you don’t truly get any outcomes from it.

”You have to be doers of the regulation of assumption, for with out software, probably the most profound understanding is not going to produce any desired consequence.”

Chapter 18

How To Apply ”The Energy of Consciousness”

An enormous mistake I personally made at first was attempting to grasp and determine all the things out. In fact, whereas data is nice and all, a very powerful factor is to attempt to to maintain attempting.

As a matter of reality, in the event you don’t hold the sensible facet easy and attempt to overthink all of it, then you’ll get in your individual means. Don’t attempt to make the mind and your willpower do the work of your Consciousness itself. This may solely trigger you to get in your individual means.

In Chapter 19 – Necessities, Neville condensed the manifestation course of into three steps:

  1. Want
  2. Bodily immobility
  3. The belief of the want fulfilled

Step one is to have a robust need. He states that need is the ”is the mainspring of motion” (Chapter 19). In case your need is powerful, you’ll have the mandatory motivation for change.

Then, go right into a ”state akin to sleep.” Let your physique calm down utterly as in the event you have been about to sleep. You must be in a state of consciousness the place your consideration is withdrawn from with out and the place you’ll be able to direct it with the minimal of effort.

Then, he says, ” Expertise in your creativeness what you’d expertise in actuality had you achieved your objective” (Chapter 19). That is the place you think about your psychological scene. Let your self ”suppose from” it as in the event you have been truly there. Really feel your self into the state, changing into one with it.

(Alternatively, in the event you really feel that visualization is simply too exhausting or requires an excessive amount of effort, merely simply suppose or really feel the belief, maybe within the type of an affirmation. In the identical method, focus utterly on the concept in order that it permeates your consciousness.)

Do that train daily no less than as soon as. Persistence is essential. In the event you efficiently undertake a brand new state of consciousness, you can not assist however obtain that which the state of consciousness affirms.

Neville recommends that you simply drift off into sleep whereas holding the belief. Whereas that is certainly useful, you are able to do with out it. Some individuals, myself included, can’t visualize and go to sleep on the similar time. Simply attempt to retain the final “temper” of the belief when falling asleep in order that it’s nonetheless contemporary in your thoughts.

Hold persisting with this train. It must be accomplished on a constant foundation, however with out feeling like a chore.

Don’t attempt to make issues occur with outer motion. After all, in the event you see a gap, go for it. However as we’ve mentioned, creativeness is the guiding drive and can impel you and inspire you into doing all your a part of the play.

Additionally, right here’s one other key level; in Chapter 20 – Righteousness, Neville says that ”One of many best pitfalls in making an attempt to make use of the regulation of assumption is focusing your consideration on issues, on a brand new house, a greater job, a much bigger financial institution stability.” (Chapter 20)

Whereas you might have considered trying a ”factor,” your job isn’t actually to concentrate on the factor however somewhat to concentrate on adopting a brand new state of consciousness. As a substitute, assume ”the sensation of already being the individual you need to be, of already having the factor you need.” (Chapter 20)

My Private Opinion And Success With The Energy of Consciousness

What I like about Neville’s work is how he practicalizes manifestation. With many related books, you find yourself probably not understanding what to do. He speaks on a stage that we will all perceive and tells you straight up that you would be able to have what you need.

His method is that if you would like one thing, then it’s best to go for it. Although he said that it shouldn’t be used for injurious functions, Neville by no means actually judged anybody for his or her need. When studying or listening to any of his books or lectures, I actually really feel that he really and deeply needs the scholar to reach this.

Whereas Neville does have some lectures which might be exhausting to grasp and maybe much less relevant, The Energy of Consciousness is, above all, sensible and comparatively easy to observe. When you learn it, you’ll have the inspiration to attempt manifestation out for your self, and you’ll have a particular technique of software. Neville even emphasizes placing within the work in Chapter 18 – Be Ye Doers, explaining that even “probably the most profound understanding” is not going to produce outcomes.

The Energy of Consciousness was actually what kickstarted me into manifestation. I’m not claiming that it was the only purpose for the way I realized manifestation, nevertheless it positively feels prefer it was the beginning catalyst.


Above, we checked out what I believed to be a very powerful rules in The Energy of Consciousness, and I’ve given some recommendation on learn how to implement them. Whereas I’ve tried to cowl the guide as extensively as potential, I extremely advocate that you simply learn it for your self.

That being mentioned, the necessary factor actually isn’t how a lot you learn however that you simply truly do that. It’s okay to fail; it’s the one means ahead! Personally, I wasted a lot time probably not attempting as a result of I used to be scared that it wouldn’t work. And guess what? For a very long time, I didn’t. However as I saved going, I regularly turned higher, and issues truly started to alter, not solely in me but in addition as precise outcomes and accomplishments in my actuality.

I completely don’t see why you shouldn’t have the ability to do that too! It’s actually not as exhausting because it sounds, however, like another talent, it does take apply and dedication. The Energy of Consciousness is a good start line that can level you in the correct path ahead. However keep in mind, solely you’ll be able to stroll it.

Anyway, I hope you discovered this text useful. Thanks for studying!

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