Inside every considered one of us there’s an influence larger than our means to grasp, and we will use it for the manifestation of any purpose, intention or want that we could have. However how can we use this energy? Effectively, the key is feeling. On this article, we’ll take an in depth take a look at Neville Goddard’s e-book “Feeling is the Secret” (1944).

We’ll cowl all of the necessities: what the e-book is about, why “feeling” is so vital, how consciousness creates actuality, the unconscious thoughts, and, most significantly, I’ll offer you clear directions on how you can apply the rules specified by this e-book so as to get precise outcomes with manifestation and start to create your dream life.

It could really feel inconceivable, however by following the recommendation given on this e-book, I actually do consider that you are able to do it. I say this, as a result of I’ve finished so myself. Sure, I can personally testify to this; it really works! I’ve had numerous manifestations myself and belief me once I say that acutely aware manifestation is a talent worthwhile studying. It’s no hoax to boast that manifestation opens a path to mastery over your self and your actuality.

Whereas all this sounds very “on the market” for some I hope you’ll maintain an open thoughts. You possibly can really show to your self that there actually is an illimitable artistic energy inside you shaping your lifeife. So, after you’ve learn this text, I strongly urge you to place this into follow — and that you just maintain persisting till it really works. Don’t consider me, don’t consider Neville. Make outcomes the one testimony of your means to manifest. You’ll study much more from expertise than from any quantity of studying and learning.

When you’re prepared, let’s dive into “Feeling is the key” by Neville Goddard!

Learn the Ebook Right here: Feeling is the Secret PDF (1944), by Neville Goddard

Abstract of “Feeling is the Secret”

“Feeling is the Secret” is a really sensible e-book. It accommodates Neville’s teachings briefly type, and it outlines the final components by which one can use “the legislation” to get a purely psychological concept to manifest in your exterior actuality.

It’s a comparatively brief and digestible e-book (solely 18 pages) with solely 4 chapters.

[Chapter section]

On this part, I’ll do a fast abstract of “feeling is the key” outlining a number of the most vital factors. In a while/after that, I’ll elaborate extra on these rules, and present you how you can really manifest one thing utilizing them. However first, the abstract:

Chapter I: Regulation and Its Operation

Chapter I of “Feeling is the Secret” by Neville explains “the legislation of consciousness.”

Consciousness because the Basis

Neville begins by establishing the primacy of consciousness: “The world and all inside it’s man’s conditioned consciousness objectified. Consciousness is the trigger in addition to the substance of the complete world.” (p. 6) Consciousness is the one actuality, and to find the key of creation one should flip to consciousness​​.

“Data of the legislation of consciousness and the strategy of working this legislation will allow you to perform all you want in life.” (p. 6) Armed with this data, one can construct and keep their superb world.

The Aware and Unconscious Thoughts

Neville divides consciousness into two streams: the acutely aware and unconscious thoughts. “The acutely aware is private and selective; the unconscious is impersonal and non-selective. The acutely aware is the realm of impact; the unconscious is the realm of trigger.” (p. 6)

He goes on to say, “The acutely aware generates concepts and impresses these concepts on the unconscious; the unconscious receives concepts and provides type and expression to them.” (p. 6) This relationship is the muse for intelligently working the legislation of consciousness​​. It’s this mechanism of first conceiving an concept after which impressing it on the unconscious that evolves every thing out of consciousness

The Function of Feeling in Creation

Impressing an concept on the unconscious is completed “by means of the medium of feeling… the one and solely medium by means of which concepts are conveyed to the unconscious.” (p. 7) Management of the unconscious is achieved by means of controlling your emotions. One wants to regulate their emotions to make sure that solely fascinating states are impressed, and to keep away from impressing undesirable states. When you really feel the “imperfection in your self or others” (p. 7) you consequently “impress the unconscious with these limitations.” (p. 7)

If two emotions are in battle “The dominant of two emotions is the one expressed.” (p. 7) It’s stronger to really feel “I’m wholesome” (p. 7) than “I shall be wholesome.” Assume the sensation of the specified state being already a truth.

Neville then explains solely to concentrate on the target and disrespect the means by which the target is to be completed: “The way of expression or the difficulties concerned are to not be thought of by you.” (p. 8) When you start to dwell on difficulties and limitations you impress these on the unconscious, and thus, hinder the entire course of.

Neville acknowledges that excellent management of feeling is difficult, and you need to due to this fact “use sleep and prayer to help you in realizing your required states. These are the 2 gateways into the unconscious.” (p. 9)

Chapter II: Sleep

Neville begins the chapter by highlighting the distinctive function of sleep in accessing the unconscious: “SLEEP… is the pure door into the unconscious.” (p. 10) Sleep is greater than only a relaxation interval; it’s essential for manifestation as a result of, as Neville notes, it’s “the traditional state of the unconscious.” (p. 10) This connection between sleep and the unconscious signifies that our mind-set as we go to sleep is extremely influential.

Neville highlights the difficulty that comes with the truth that when your acutely aware thoughts is asleep you can’t consciously impress your want on the unconscious. How is that this to be solved? Since an individual’s “complete slumber is dominated by his final waking idea of self,” (p. 11) you possibly can impress your want on the unconscious by means of sleep on this manner: “really feel as you’ll had been you in possession of your want and quietly loosen up into unconsciousness.” (p. 11) The state you’re in simply earlier than you fall asleep shall be taken with you into the unconscious.

Conversely, Neville additionally warns towards falling asleep in a damaging state: “By no means sleep within the consciousness of failure.” (p. 11) When you do that, the state of failure shall be undertaken by the unconscious, and realized in manifestation.

So, earlier than you drop off into sleep, assume the sensation of the want fulfilled — of accomplishment and satisfaction — and as your thoughts is permeated by this state, drift off into sleep. “By feeling your want fulfilled and quietly stress-free into sleep, you solid your self in a star function to be performed on earth tomorrow, and, whereas asleep, you’re rehearsed and instructed in your half.” (p. 13)

Chapter III: Prayer

Neville begins by likening prayer to sleep, each serving as pathways to the unconscious thoughts: “PRAYER like sleep can also be an entrance into the unconscious.” (p. 15) He notes that in prayer, like in sleep, the exterior world’s affect diminishes, making the thoughts extra receptive to options from inside. The relaxed and receptive state of the thoughts in prayer is akin to the sensation you get proper earlier than falling asleep​​.

Neville shifts the traditional understanding of prayer from asking for one thing to getting ready oneself for its arrival: “Prayer just isn’t a lot what you ask for as the way you put together for its reception.” This implies believing within the success of the prayers: “The one situation required is that you just consider that your prayers are already realized.” (p. 15)

All that’s required from you is to really feel the want fulfilled: “The second you settle for the want as an completed truth, the unconscious finds means for its realization. To hope efficiently then, you will need to yield to the want, that’s, really feel the want fulfilled.” (p. 15)

A vital although usually ignored precept which Neville factors out is the so-called “legislation of reversed effort.” He states: “At any time when you’re within the mind-set ‘I ought to wish to, however I can not’, the tougher you strive, the much less you’ll be able to yield to the want.” (p. 15) Don’t attempt to power the sensation of the want fulfilled when the proof of the senses let you know that your want just isn’t a actuality, as a result of “all acutely aware effort to counteract this suggestion is futile and tends to accentuate the suggestion.” (p. 15) When feeling is in battle together with your effort, feeling at all times wins. “Prayer have to be with out effort.” (p. 15) Effort is deadly.

Neville comes again to prayer and states that “you will need to create a passive state, a type of reverie or meditative reflection” (p. 16) with the intention to yield to the sensation of the want fulfilled. To attain this passive state, he recommends one to loosen up in a chair, or lay flat on a mattress, and to really feel oneself to be sleepy — “I’m sleepy, so sleepy, so very sleepy.” (p. 16)

If you start to really feel a “nice, snug relaxation and never inclined to change your place” (p. 16), “think about in image type what you want to attain in life; then really feel your self as having already achieved it.” (p. 16)

You do not want to think about how your want shall be completed. The top is enough, “for acceptance of the tip wills the means to that finish.” (p. 16) Neville likens it to seeing the completely satisfied and profitable finish of a play, although not understanding how that finish shall be achieved.

Chapter IV: Spirit — Feeling

Feeling your self right into a state is coming into the spirit of it. Neville says, “Get into the spirit of the state desired by assuming the sensation that might be yours had been you already the one you need to be.” (p. 17) As Neville states “There’s a particular feeling related to each concept within the thoughts of man.” (p. 17) Feeling the concept — moving into the spirit of it — is all that’s required for its manifestation.

Neville equates religion to feeling. He says, “that which you are feeling your self to be you’re,” (p. 17) and that which you’re shall be mirrored in manifestation.

So, “as a substitute of believing in God or in Jesus — consider you’re God or you’re Jesus.” (p. 17). (It’s right here vital to grasp that it isn’t you, john doe or jane smith that’s God, however your personal consciousness or unconscious thoughts).

Neville’s perspective locations immense energy within the arms of the person, and it exhibits them to form their actuality by means of the medium of feeling. As you possibly can see the e-book is fairly simple. However let’s dive a bit deeper. There are some actually vital ideas that you just have to grasp for efficient follow. [[Also, reading and doing are two different things so I’ll give you some definite exercises to follow that work in accordance with these principles and thus will give results!]]

Key Factors: Bear in mind These Earlier than You Start Manifesting!

Right here, I need to re-emphasise and elaborate on a very powerful factors of the e-book. These are vital to grasp earlier than you start the sensible utility of “the legislation” (of consciousness).

Consciousness is actuality

A basic precept which is crucial to grasp in manifestation is that consciousness is actuality. It isn’t an rising property of the mind, which is what’s the standard and intuitive reply, it’s the primary trigger layer of actuality anterior to area, time and bodily objects, together with the mind.

As Neville factors out, your exterior actuality is your “conditioned consciousness objectified” (p. 6). In different phrases, your life, the outcomes you get and the experiences you have got are all manifestations of your inner state of consciousness. Extra exactly, it’s the manifestation of the states held within the unconscious thoughts.

So, why do you could perceive this? You have to perceive this since you now know the place the supply of energy is! You realize that since consciousness is the facility, your very personal consciousness is what you will need to flip to while you need any form of change made in your life. Consciousness is the infinite storehouse, the artistic energy, and it could possibly do something you ask of it.

If consciousness is the primary trigger and it creates all of the phenomena of your life, even right down to essentially the most trivial, you possibly can see that it’s fallacious to try to repair exterior circumstances while you need to make adjustments. As an alternative the one technique to manifest a brand new situation in a single’s life is by altering our ideas and emotions, the concepts that we, usually unintentionally, implant inside ourselves.

  • Consciousness is actuality
  • Your actuality is the reflection of your inner state of consciousness
  • To vary issues cease making an attempt to change circumstances from with out, as a substitute flip to your personal consciousness

The Unconscious and the Aware Thoughts

The function of the unconscious and its interplay with the acutely aware thoughts can’t be pressured sufficient! The acutely aware thoughts or the acutely aware self is the “tip of the iceberg,” it’s the floor stage of your thoughts, the a part of you you assume you’re. However inside you there’s one other “self”: the unconscious thoughts.

Your unconscious is the grasp of your actuality. It controls the way you act, what you consider your self, your bodily physique, the way you see issues, and, extra importantly, it straight determines the exterior circumstances, occasions, outcomes, and circumstances that manifest themselves externally.

Your exterior world mirrors the internalized concepts in your unconscious. So, from this it turns into clear that after we need to manifest one thing — no matter it could be — we should discover a technique to set the unconscious in motion and get it to undertake the duty for us as a substitute of doing it by schools of the acutely aware thoughts. If, for illustration’s sake, you need to be extra assured in your self and have a extra fulfilling social life, you’ll need to make it an internalized state within the unconscious. It isn’t sufficient to assume “I’m assured,” you’ll need to in some way implant this thought within the unconscious. As quickly as this occurs it would start to germinate and notice itself in manifestation — each by means of you and round you.

The explanation I spotlight this distinction between these two entities inside you is because of a quite common mistake, which is: making an attempt to will issues into being by means of acutely aware effort. It doesn’t matter how a lot you attempt to assume the sensation of the want fulfilled or what number of instances you think about your self already in attainment of your want, if the thought doesn’t get reworked right into a unconscious state it won’t materialize.

That is the rationale why so many individuals keep caught with manifestation (which explains why I used to be caught myself). Individuals say, “I strive so arduous to manifest this, however nothing appears to occur!” Effectively, the actual fact that you just’re “making an attempt so arduous” stops your want from coming into into the unconscious. And, in reality, the extreme effort used will solely give the suggestion of pressure and wrestle to the unconscious which, by legislation, manifests as extra issue.

So, maintain this twin facet of your self in thoughts for later as I’ll present you precisely how you can get management over the unconscious and direct it towards new accomplishment.

  • Inside your there’s the acutely aware and the unconscious self
  • Manifestation comes from the concepts implanted within the unconscious
  • To manifest you will need to discover a technique to remodel your want right into a unconscious state
  • A standard mistake is making an attempt to manifest one thing by means of acutely aware effort; the facility is totally unconscious

Sleep and Meditation — The way to Entry the Unconscious

As emphasised earlier than, coping with the unconscious thoughts and impressing your want upon it’s the way you consciously and deliberately manifest your superb world.

So, the query turns into, how can we get entry to the unconscious? When you’re not getting what you need out of life, it have to be as a result of there’s a disagreement between your acutely aware and your unconscious. You’ve little question skilled that there’s an excellent gulf between what you consciously intend for and what really occurs, and this comes from the unconscious holding a opposite thought. As an illustration, you could consciously assume “I can” however, irrespective of how a lot you achieve this, you’re met with the underlying feeling which you can’t. Why does this occur? It’s since you didn’t actually consider that you could possibly. Your acutely aware thought is “I can,” however deep down, your unconscious says “I can’t.”

There’s a barrier between your acutely aware and your unconscious thoughts. This barrier we may name the crucial issue. It’s the sum complete of your beliefs and assumptions surrounding your self and your world. If, for illustration’s sake, you need to be rich, however the concept of you being rich just isn’t a part of your belief-system, the intention is blocked from coming into the unconscious thoughts.

What can we do about this? Are we caught with the identical perception system endlessly, and thus doomed to get the identical outcomes again and again? Fortunately no. As Neville states within the e-book sleep and “prayer” quickly shuts down the crucial issue, and you’re on this suspended state thus free to implant any want you need on the unconscious.


Proper earlier than you go to mattress and proper after you get up your acutely aware thoughts is in a drowsy state, and that is why Neville suggests you “pray” (or think about your fulfilled want) within the evening earlier than you go to mattress and within the morning, earlier than you rise.

In addition to that, while you think about your want proper earlier than mattress and permeate your consciousness with the sensation of its success, this state shall be taken with you into sleep and implant itself deep into the unconscious. Imagining at evening earlier than you sleep is a extremely vital step that shouldn’t be ignored.


You can too attain a passive state of consciousness, akin to that of sleep, by means of meditation. Within the e-book, Neville recommends you sit or lie down flat in your again, after which really feel your self to be sleepy whereas saying “I’m sleepy, so sleepy, so very sleepy.” (p. 16) That is principally only a type of meditation. On this state, the crucial issue is lessened and you’re free to plant your want within the unconscious by imagining and feeling your self having already attained it. Then you definitely get up out of your meditative state, and go about the remainder of your day usually.

So, sleep and meditation are the way you entry the unconscious. From this present day ahead, assume the sensation of the want fulfilled at evening, permating your thoughts with this state, and let your self go to sleep. Do that once more within the morning earlier than rising. Doing it earlier than sleep is a very powerful factor, however you also needs to set time apart every day to “pray” by means of, out the day, even when it’s simply 10 or quarter-hour, by going into meditation and feeling the want fulfilled. The mixed routines of sleep and prayer are a extremely efficient methodology for strengthening the need within the unconscious, which can result in the belief of it in your outer world.

Feeling — Planting Your Want Within the Unconscious

We all know that any concept planted within the unconscious should, per “the legislation,” present itself externally, so, consequently, the query turns into: how can we implant an concept within the unconscious thoughts? Effectively, that is the place the key is available in: Feeling.

Feeling is the gateway by means of which you implant your want upon the unconscious, and we’ll now take a look at how you can really really feel the want fulfilled within the right method so as to impress your thought on the unconscious. This isn’t one thing that requires elaborate clarification however one thing you’ll study fairly rapidly simply by making an attempt.

We will evaluate feeling to the touch. If you transfer your hand and contact an object you get a sensation in your hand. Likewise, while you mentally “contact” a thought, you really feel it.

Step one is to enter a drowsy state of consciousness as described earlier than. This shuts off any inner and exterior distractions and enhances your means to really feel. You’re to a lesser extent inhibited by the “information” of your life.

So, to manifest your want, Neville tells us to “assume the sensation of the want fulfilled.” This implies you need to really feel your want as an already completed truth whereas within the drowsy, trance-like state of consciousness.

To assist on this, visualize a scene the place you at the moment are in possession of your want and really feel it to be actual. Really feel how you’ll really feel if the scene was actual, really feel the gratitude and satisfaction would come together with it.

Don’t marvel “Am I feeling the right feeling?” You need to permeate your thoughts with a single concept: the accomplishment of your want, and you can’t achieve this whereas on the similar time doubting that you’re doing it accurately. Your consideration can solely be on one thought at a time.

Placing all of it collectively: How To Use the Ebook and Manifest your wishes

Having delved into the important thing ideas of Neville Goddard’s “Feeling is the Secret,” it’s time to convey all these components collectively right into a cohesive follow. That is about reworking idea into motion, taking what we’ve discovered and making use of it to manifest your wishes.

1. Make clear Your Want

Step one is crystal clear: outline precisely what you need. Be particular about your purpose or want. This readability is crucial for the following steps.

2. Obtain a Receptive Psychological State

Enter a drowsy, receptive mind-set. This may be achieved by sitting or mendacity down in a snug place. Gently inform your self, “I’m sleepy, I’m sleepy, so very sleepy,” till you attain a state the place you don’t have any want to maneuver. This relaxed state is essential for accessing your unconscious thoughts.

3. Assume the Feeling of the Want Fulfilled

On this receptive state, it’s simpler to interact together with your emotions. Give attention to feeling as in case your want has already been fulfilled. Really feel the satisfaction and gratitude that naturally arises from attaining your purpose. Bear in mind, this step ought to really feel easy and pure. If you end up overthinking or questioning whether or not you’re doing it proper, refocus on the easy feeling of success. Visualization can help on this course of; think about a scene that displays your fulfilled want and immerse your self within the emotions this scene evokes.

4. Dwell in This State

When you’re training this system earlier than sleep (the optimum time), proceed to dwell within the state of your want fulfilled as you drift off. When you’re awake in the course of the day, steadily come out of your meditative state however carry the sensation with you. Bear in mind, in the event you can’t go to sleep whereas within the state, it’s okay to let your self sleep shortly after. The concept will nonetheless be recent in your unconscious thoughts.

Conclusion and Name to Motion

As we attain the tip of our exploration of Neville Goddard’s “Feeling is the Secret,” it’s clear that the facility to manifest our deepest wishes lies inside us. We’ve uncovered the pivotal function of consciousness in shaping our actuality, delved into the interaction of the acutely aware and unconscious thoughts, and understood the transformative potential of sleep and meditation in accessing the unconscious.

However understanding these rules is just the start. The true magic occurs while you apply them in your life. Bear in mind, it’s not nearly understanding; it’s about doing.

Right here’s what you could do subsequent:

  1. Outline Your Want
  2. Enter a Receptive State
  3. Really feel Your Want Fulfilled and Let Your self Dwell in This State for a Whereas
  4. Belief the unconscious

Bear in mind, it’s by means of private expertise that these teachings really come to life. Don’t simply take my phrase for it, and even Neville’s. Try it out for your self. Start tonight, after which maintain at it daily. It’s a journey that requires endurance, belief, and persistence, however the rewards are limitless.

You now maintain the keys to unlocking your full potential and creating the life you’ve at all times dreamed of. So, what are you ready for? Begin your journey of transformation as we speak, and uncover the unimaginable energy of your personal consciousness.

Start now. Manifest your wishes. Expertise the facility of “Feeling is the Secret” firsthand.

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